Every person is unique!

The added value of a representative portrait. Quality time, just for you.


Shape, color, background, a piece of clothing, an attribute, everything is important. With one photo you show the whole message. I pay special attention to eyes, because eyes are the mirrors of the soul and show character. Most important thing that overshadows everything is the choice of light. For me Photography is playing with light.

Good preparation is half the battle and that is why I discuss in advance what’s the purpose of the photos. Maybe the person portrayed is also the face of a company? We discuss which clothing, background, location and appearance are desired. Taking the photos is quality time, just for you.

The investment for a usable portrait is 197 Euro excluding VAT.

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The world is my studio, Amsterdam my home. I am Mirande Phernambucq. Photography is my language.

Fascinated by water, air, earth and light, these elements take me where I should be. My agency is Hollandse Hoogte. I have also been a member of the aerial agency of Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Paris.

At seventeen I was accepted at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague in the Netherlands. The series I graduated with made me the first female winner of the Professional Photography Award.