“Wijzen naar de Maan”

Het nieuwste boek van Jan Geurtz

Voor Jan Geurtz boek ‘Wijzen naar de Maan’ maakte ik zijn portret voor de achterflap. Het boek gaat over de spirituele zoektocht in het dagelijks leven.

Jan Geurtz

Art Works

"It's my favorite, in my home" - Anne-Marie van Dam.

Flying makes me incredibly happy, making contact with the landscape beneath me. It feels wonderful if I manage to transform that feeling into a beautiful Aerial Art Photograph of mother earth.

Click here for a movie with Anne-Marie and hér chosen Aerial Art Photograph of the Wadden Sea:
Luchtfoto van de Waddenzee. (in Dutch)

Anne-Marie van Dam opted for a broad Aerial Art Photograph made above the Wadden Sea, the Netherlands. Printed by master photographer Hans van Ommeren on a special canvas impregnated with paper. This unique copy fills, lengthens and gives space to Anne-Marie’s living room.

Five years later she is just as happy with this work of art as when it was just hung up.

Aerial Art Photograph by Mirande Phernambucq
Framed by Ron De Hoog, Een Visie In Lijsten BV, Maassluis.


Leven in Beweging.

Er was eens een rups die haar hele leven aan het eten was. Haar acht voeten waren altijd in beweging. Ze hield niet van kleine stapjes, maar van sprongen en enorme wandelpassen. Ze had een ongekende drang om de beste blaadjes te vinden en daar zoveel mogelijk van naar binnen te werken. Ze móest presteren […]

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With comments from Henk van Os, former director of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

Henk van Os, former director of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam comments a nature photograph made by Photographer Mirande Phernambucq..  (in Dutch) Film created by Berry van Galen, Media op Maat, Amsterdam. click here to see movie

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Nijl-paard in Egypte.

Photography: a matter of seeing.

After a full day in Cairo I stare through the window of the taxi at amounts of waste behind a long, high fence. In an instant I see a Horse in the Nile. Can I get out? I ask the driver, who doesn’t want to stop there. With my camera ready, I run to the […]

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Every person is unique!

The added value of a representative portrait. Quality time, just for you.

Shape, color, background, a piece of clothing, an attribute, everything is important. With one photo you show the whole message. I pay special attention to eyes, because eyes are the mirrors of the soul and show character. Most important thing that overshadows everything is the choice of light. For me Photography is playing with light. […]

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The train to INFINITY and beyond

What is the impact of the ever-continuing science.

Breda-photo’s theme fits with the theme in the Dalai Lama’s speech: What is the impact of the ever-continuing science. Does it only bring progress? Or also unpleasant surprises?

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I take this photo of pure energy Maybe because of this powerfull part that I see I zoom in on the branches with each a story of their own and I imagine the roots under the ground as a clone Hiding it’s roots and it’s leaves from the eye Almost as a final goodbye Winter, […]

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How did I get the idea to fly?

Highlights in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is a rapidly changing city. In search of an overview I have seen quite a few roofs of Amsterdam. Working as photographer at Ruimte & Duurzaamheid, planning department of the municipality of Amsterdam from 1992. My work was very versatile and important material for zoning plans and project decisions. Studio work (portraits and scale models) […]

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The world is my studio, Amsterdam my home. I am Mirande Phernambucq. Photography is my language.

Fascinated by water, air, earth and light, these elements take me where I should be. My agency is Hollandse Hoogte. I have also been a member of the aerial agency of Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Paris.

At seventeen I was accepted at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague in the Netherlands. The series I graduated with made me the first female winner of the Professional Photography Award.